problems in using chemical pesticide

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

problems in using chemical pesticide

Nowadays, the problem of pollution in our environment has become a real problem that needs a real action to overcome the problem and find the solution. Not only to the environment, but also it affects to the human that consume the product that has been contaminated by the dangerous chemical substances. Some of the dangerous chemical substances can be found in the usage of chemical pesticide in agriculture’s practice. The usage of chemical pesticide has become a normal activity that should be done by the farmers to control the pest in agriculture’s crop. They use the chemical pesticides like it is just a usual liquid without any side effect and risk that might affect to the human that consume the agriculture’s product. Furthermore, sometimes the farmers use the chemical pesticide in high dosage without any calculation before spread the liquid to the crop’s field, whereas every chemical pesticide has a certain dosage in using it. And we will never know what will happen next when we use something much more that it should be.
            Many dangerous diseases appear because of the food that we eat. Some of them are cancer, gene mutation, and other chronic deceases caused by free radical. Many factors that cause it, one of them is the effect of the chemical substances which is contained inside the chemical pesticide that is used in the agriculture practice. How is it possible ? It is because most of the chemical pesticides which are used contain the carsinogic, mutagenic, allergen, and irritant substances that end in the chronic decease as what is stated before.
Based on the information above, we can see that the usage of chemical pesticide is very dangerous and very risky in our human’s life especially for our health. Whether in a short time or in a long time, directly or indirectly, chemical pesticide will give a bad impact in our health. So we need something to prevent us from the threat of chemical substances inside the pesticide, we need something to replace the using of chemical pesticide, something that is as powerful as chemical pesticide but as safe as possible without any dangerous substances that might affect to our body. And the answer is bio-pesticide. There are three reasons that make bio-pesticide can replace the chemical pesticide without any doubt. Being safe to be used for the environment and human, Keeping the natural predators alive, and Preventing the resistance of the pest are the advantages of using bio-pesticides. continue to part 2
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