10 Beautiful and Poisonous Frog!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Beautiful and Poisonous Frog!

10 Beautiful and Poisonous Frog

Poisonous frogs are very, very beautiful and trying to catch them may be very tempting. However, this is a very bad idea! Few people actually know how poisonous these frogs are and even less are aware of the fact that humans may be easily killed by these brightly colored animals.

1. Giant leaf frog

2. poison frog
The giant leaf frog, or the monkey frog, is also a very curious species. Though its poison is not as dangerous as that of the golden one, most of us do not want to experience its effects: they vary from hallucination to gastric problems.  I said “some people” because some Amazonian tribes are known to use their poison for its hallucinatory effects.

2. Dyeing Dart Frog

2 posion frog
This amazingly looking frog may come in various colors, and what is interesting about it is not only the poison it carries (which is not to be neglected), but also the effect it has on parrots: Indigenous tribes of the Amazon use it to rub the skin of young parrots against that of the frog and the awesome, yet toxic effect, is that of changing the color of the parrot’s feathers.

3. Red-backed poison frog

3 posion frog
Endemic to Peru, this frog has a moderate poison and this means that it causes health problems to people and is able to kill animals. As the others poisonous frogs out there, this interesting looking little creature needs certain food sources in order to create its poison. In this case, the food source is a venomous ant. The frog stores the poison in its skin glands and releases it in case of need; when it is in danger of becoming another animal’s meal, most often.

4. Strawberry poison dart frog

4. posion frog
Pretty small in size and very beautiful in appearance, this red frog is inhabitation the lush forests of Central America. Its color clearly states “stay away or you’ll get burned” and you’d better take it in serious, as this frog is able to cause swallowing and –yes- a burning sensation to its victims.

5. Blue poison dart frog

4. posion frog
The frog is truly awesome, and I bet most of you agree with me. However, its intense color does not mean anything good: its poison is strong enough to kill any natural predator and it may even kill humans.  One may keep it as a pet though since, without its natural food source from the South American wilderness, this blue frog is quite harmless. This is true for all the frog species in this list.

6. Lovely Poison Frog

6.  posion frog
The Lovely poison frog is the least dangerous in its genus, but it still makes its victims regret having targeted it. It may be a lovely frog the terms of appearance only, but it surely isn’t lovely to touch it! If you look for it (though I have no idea why would anyone do that) you may find it in Central America. Don’t worry, I can’t imagine it might be hiding; no animal would dare touching it!

7.  The golfodulcean poison Frog

7.  posion frog
As in the case of the frogs mentioned above, this little frog is warning predators that it is not as defenseless as it seems and that they’d better stay away! In case they don’t, they will come to regret it as the poison of this frog causes intense pain and it may even lead to paralysis.

8. Splash-backed Poison frog

8. posion frog
This beautiful animal is living –where else- than in the rainforests of Ecuador and Peru and it is one of the most poisonous members of the family.  Its poison is so powerful that it may kill 5 people! Thus, even though it looks nice, it does not feel as nice. Staying away from it is the right thing to do, and it is not hard either, as this little frog will not jump in your arms when it sees you.

9. Phantasmal poison frog

9. posion frog
These frogs are very small but that doesn’t stop them from being ones of the most deadly frogs in the forest! They may kill not only animals but also humans, so they are not to play with. However, it is unlikely to find their in their native land, in Ecuador. They are an endangered species and, for their salvation, they are bred in laboratories by scientists. Also, except from saving this species, scientists have a practical reason for growing them: they manage to produce a painkiller which is 200 times more powerful than morphine from it.

10.  Golden poisonous Frog

10. posion frog
Also known as the golden dart frog, this little fellow, is living in Columbia. Despite their beauty, they are not animals one would like to play with: their bright color is actually a warning.  Apparently, they are so poisonous that people died after touching them.  Golden darts are not using their poison in order to kill prey; they are using it as a protection measure against predators. Thus, if you simply do not touch them, you are safe. They will certainly not look for your company!
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