10 European Countries That Face Major Terrorism Risk

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 European Countries That Face Major Terrorism Risk

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This list of the 10 European  countries which face major terrorism risk is based on the  Mapelcroft terrorism Risk index. According Mapelcroft, the risk of terrorism in Europe is slowly increasing and some countries (such as United Kingdom) are now categorized as medium terrorism risk, rather than “low risk” as they used to be.  Here are 10 European countries that  face terrorism risk in the near future:

1.  Russia

Russia is the only country in Europe that was included in the “extreme risk” category and ranks 14 in the worldwide top of countries facing terrorism risk (where Somalia, Pakistan and Irak are the top 3).  This happened because of the incidents that took place in this country lately, such as the suicidal bomb attack that killed 35 people (Moscow airport, Jan. 24, 2011).

2.  Greece

In Greece things are not going well: The Fascist groups are getting stronger and stronger, due to financial collapse, which is always an important trigger for crimes and chaos, but also to the illegal immigration.  The result is increased hatred towards minority groups which may result in violent incidents such as the one which took place in Norway, not long ago.

3. Turkey

Ranking 24 in the terrorism risk index is Turkey, where the threat level is believed to be high. Turkey is one of the terrorist cribs in the world, with members of Al-Qaeda hiding all over the country. The planned attack on the embassy of the United States this year, and the arrest of 120 terrorism suspects last year are enough signs that the country is facing real danger of terrorist attacks.

4.  Georgia

Georgia, with its many problems and weak organization, is sheltering both Chechen and Islamist terrorists. Some years ago, there were rumors of an al-Qaeda base being established within the Gerogian borders. The authorities denied such a claim, but it is a known fact that the government has little control of the territory outside Tbilisi. Also, Armenian terrorist groups seem to threaten Georgia as well, as they claim some of the Georgian territories.  Georgia is ranking 36 worldwide in what concerns the terrorist menace.

5. United Kingdom

The terrorist threat in the United Kingdom seems to have seriously amplified and it is now considered medium. This is because of the instability which was recorded lately in the Northern Ireland, where the number of terrorist attacks increased. Actually, the riots in Belfast this year, when police was attacked with petrol bombs, are the worse Northern Ireland has seen in 10 years.

6. France

France is one of the countries which are facing major terrorism risk and it has been like that since many years. Although French authorities are efficiently fighting terrorists, there is still much to be done, as the president of the country discovered himself, after a parcel bomb which was destined to him was found by the Greece authorities.

7.  Spain

Spain is the 7th country in Europe in what terrorist menace is concerned. This country is facing constant threat from the Basque terrorist group ETA. Having killed more than 800 people in more than 30 years of fighting for independence, the Basque militants have recently declared a permanent ceasefire which is however treated with suspicion by the people in Spain.

8. Germany

Germany is also considered a country of low terrorism risk, according to Mapelcroft. This is somewhat of a surprise, as Business Insider also notices, since it was only this year when the airport in Frankfurt was the scene of a terrorist attack. Also, last, year, Germany faced great terrorist threat and the reports suggesting that such an incident is imminent in Germany alerted the authorities.

9. Sweden

One of the surprising entries on the list of  European countries that  face major  terrorism risk, Sweden is not historically known as a target. It is only in the only in the last 3 decades that terrorist attacks took place in this country. In 2010, two bombs exploded in Stockholm, (Dec. 11, 2010), fortunately killing only the bomber.  This was, apparently, the first suicide attack by an Islamic in Northern Europe.

10.  Serbia

Ranking  the 10th on this list, Serbia is known for having major terrorist problems, because of the Albanian terrorist groups which activate in this country.  However, Serbia proves that it can control this phenomenon as Islamist terrorists are being arrested regularly. Authorities in this country take terrorism risk in serious.
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