10 of the Best Shopping Websites for Men and Women!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 of the Best Shopping Websites for Men and Women!!

10 of the Best Shopping Websites for Men and Women

It may be a stereotype to say that men do not like to shop. Although they might not like to shop inpublic, many men truly enjoy shopping online. Women, of course, seem to enjoy shopping both onand offline, but online shopping is particularly appealing to them, as great deals can often be found. Both men and women enjoy shopping online as one can remain anonymous and still purchase virtuallyanything they desire. The following are 10 of the best shopping websites that appeal to both men andwomen.

1. Woot.com

Although this shopping website features just one deal per day, it usually involves something ata price that is a fantastic deal. Woot.com showcases electronics, such as laptops, televisions,and DVD players, at a great savings off the normal retail price. Sometimes the featured productmight be refurbished, so be sure to check that before placing an order. Woot.com was recentlypurchased by Amazon.com, which might help to increase the variety of products offered.

2. Bluefly.com

Bluefly.com sells clothing from top designers such as Armani, Prada and Marc Jacobs at prices20% to 40% off the normal retail price. All kinds of clothing from men’s suits to swimwear formen and women is featured here. Offering such deep discounts from these famous designersgives Bluefly.com appeal to both men and women.

3. MenHateShopping.com

This comparison-shopping website is targeted specifically at men who do not enjoy any typeof shopping, even online. Categories of goods available here include Sporting Goods, Giftsfor Her and Video Games. Men can browse through pre-selected products listed by price.MenHateShopping.com might even make a man decide that he likes to shop!

4. Buy.com

Buy.com is another comparison-shopping website that features a wide range of products, fromclothing to electronics. The products selected for Buy.com are supposed to represent the bestprices found on the Internet. Sometimes the best price is Buy.com’s own price; other times itmight be found at another website which Buy.com duly lists, along with other prices found atits own and other shopping sites. Featured products and deals are also included on the shoppingwebsite’s home page.

5. Amazon.com

Good old Amazon.com is still one of the best Internet shopping websites out there. Whateveryou’re shopping for, you are almost certain to find it at Amazon.com. Products from books toauto parts are listed here. Sometimes products are sold straight through Amazon.com, whilesometimes they are sold through private resellers. If you purchase directly from Amazon.comand spend more than $25, shipping is free. Or, if you choose to join Amazon Prime and pay $79per year, shipping is free on all Amazon.com’s own products no matter how much you spend.

6. Drugstore.com

If you’re shopping for something that might be too embarrassing to purchase in-person in thepharmacy, usually Drugstore.com will carry the item in question. This site gives you the abilityto buy things from the pharmacy discreetly through the mail. Prescriptions can also be filledon this website. New customers who spend $25 on non-prescription items get free shipping.Recently the major pharmacy chain Walgreens purchased drugstore.com, which might actuallyadd even more products to the vast array of foods, beverages, household items, and pharmacy-type products already found on the site.

7. ShopInPrivate.com

Shopinprivate.com also offers things that both men and women might not want to purchasein person, in public. Such items found on this website include hemorrhoid treatments, sextoys, adult diapers, and enemas. Some guilty pleasures like those as-seen-on-TV items (thinkSnuggie and those cheezy compilation CDs) are also sold here. This means that you can buythose items discreetly as well – because you don’t really want your neighbor to see you buyingthat cheesy 80s CD, do you?

8. ShopGetOrganized.com

Regardless of if you’re a neat freak or the world’s sloppiest housekeeper, you will find aproduct you need to organize your life at ShopGetOrganized.com. Organizational productsfor the home, office, and the great outdoors are sold here. Men who like to be organized lovethis site, as they can purchase all of the things they need to organize their life without looking
extremely anal. Women love it because, hey, we simply love to be organized!

9. Ebay.com

Nothing beats the old tried-and-true auction site, ebay. No longer is ebay simply an auction site, either.Now, you can purchase thousands of new products at a “buy it now” price, which is often lower thanprices found elsewhere (as wholesalers who sell on ebay can afford to sell these overstock items at alower price). Ebay is perfect for auto parts, clothing, CDs, books, and electronics.

10. Overstock.com

Overstock.com (also now known by the shortcut o.co) is also one of the sites where you can purchase amultitude of both new and refurbished items at a low price. This is because large wholesale companiessell off their overstock items here for less. Housewares, bedding, personal items, electronics, CDs,DVDs, books…. You name it, and Overstock.com probably carries it. Most items ship for a flat rateof $2.95, but sometimes the site will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount (usually $50 ormore).
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