Medical News:10 Recent Discoveries that will Improve our Health

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Medical News:10 Recent Discoveries that will Improve our Health

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Medical news is important for all of us, because it brings hope where sometimes there was none. Discoveries in this field are among the most important that man has ever made as they saved the lives of millions. Today, researchers continue to work for the benefit of the entire mankind. Their findings are published in specialized magazines, as well as on the internet, for all people to take advantage of. These are some recent discoveries that may improve the quality of our lives in the years to come:

1. New and improved treatment for cancer

One new method of treating cancer refers to a so called “nanodrug” which is like a microscopic vehicle, designed to get into the tumor cells, ignoring the healthy ones and to deliver a wide range of drugs. This approach is much more efficient than the traditional one, and it has fewer negative effects on the rest of the organism. This technique, which was so far used on breast cancer and on brain tumors, is believed to have great potential of treating not only cancer but many other diseases as well.

2. Natural preservative that kills Salmonella discovered

salmonella virus
Fortunately, even though viruses are more and more aggressive, scientists have no rest either. Medical news on innovative treatments and improved methods to fight diseases are brought to us every day. One of this news is the discovery of friendly bacteria that might fight against such dangerous and famous human enemies as listeria, E. coli or salmonella. If added to the foods that present the greatest degree of contamination, this preservative could be really helpful.

3. Eating nuts to control Type 2 diabetes

Nuts are now believed to be extremely helpful for the patients suffering from diabetes. They are also believed to prevent the complications of this illness. In order for this alternative therapy to function, two ounces of raw nuts should be eaten on a daily basis. If you worry about your weight, then know that the nuts will not affect it whatsoever, so feel free to try.

4.  New benefits of Omega 3 discovered

Recent medical news about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids suggest that this compound found in fish may protect human body against blindness caused by Retinopathy A and against diabetes. Apparently, high intake of Omega 3 may have the same effect as the traditional drugs used to increase the sensitivity to insulin, but with no side effects (such as heart problems, which are a common result of these conventional drugs.

5. An injection will limit the consequences of heart attacks

5 heartattack
According to the researchers that develop this one-of-a-kind drug, this is “a fascinating achievement”. Apparently, researchers found a certain enzyme which is believed to be responsible with the damage of tissue during heart attacks. Moreover, researchers also discovered a simple way neutralize this enzyme: an antibody injection to fight against this component of the blood. After proving successful on animals, the new treatment is soon to be applied on humans.

6.  Universal flu vaccine to be discovered

boy vaccine
This is a great discovery that may stop the annual change of flu vaccines. As we all know, these vaccines may or may not be effective and cannot offer any protection against the unexpected apparition of a different flu virus. Apparently, scientists tried for many years to find an antibody that could act as a universal flu vaccine and now they finally discovered it.  CR8020 was effective in fighting against the most dangerous types of flu out there. We are sure glad to hear it!

7. Swearing reduces pain!

This has been established by researchers who found out that common swearing is born in the right hemisphere of the brain, while language is known to form in the left hemisphere. This strange discovery led scientists to an even more interesting finding: subjects who were experiencing pain could resist more to it by swearing than by using a “decent” word.

8. Playing an instrument efficiently fights depression

Apparently, music therapy is much more effective than regular treatments in case of depression. This has been proved by means of an experiment which was conducted by a team of Finnish researchers on a group of 79 persons diagnosed with severe depression. According to them, the patients who took music lessons showed greater improvement than those who were treated according to the traditional approach. Music is, according to the same scientists, able to help us learn foreign languages much easier and to help us recall lost memories. What is more, even patients with Alzheimer’s disease can remember songs long after having forgotten everything else.

9. Healthy food will taste better

Even though we all know by now how great is broccoli for our health, not all of us eat it. This is true for many healthy foods that we simply don’t like. This fact determined scientists to work with farmers in order to find ways to make our veggies taste better. This will encourage people to try foods they never liked before, boosting this way the level of vitamins, antioxidants and fibers in their diet.

10.  Sun prevents asthma in childhood

child with asthma
Most of you may doubt that any connection could exist between childhood asthma and the sun. Yet, this is what medical news shows. The link is the vitamin D which is produced by our bodies only by means of sun exposure. This vitamin is important not only in preventing childhood asthma but also in stopping severe infectious maladies such as tuberculosis, researchers tell us.

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