10 Best Free Job Posting Sites !

Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Best Free Job Posting Sites !

With today’s global economy plummeting to dangerous levels it has become even harder to find a well paid job. While some countries are trying and succeeding in fighting back the economic crisis, others (for example Eastern Europe) are not doing so well, and the unemployment rate is rapidly going up. There are several ways of getting your hands on a nice monthly paycheck, and the first that comes into mind is study hard. After you’ve completed this step, you can either wait for an opportunity or look for it. To look for a job may seem simple, but it’s not, at least in the real world. You must have the ability to negotiate (sometimes your salary, other times your position), and most important a good Curriculum Vitae to represent you and your accomplishments. However, with the invention of this thing we call the Internet things have gotten just a bit easier – there are thousands of websites specialized on finding the job that suits you best.
As such, we’ve compiled this list of 10 of the best free job posting sites. If you find it useful, don’t forget to vote for us and give some love (feedback).

10. SimplyHired

According to their sayings, SimplyHired is currently working on building the largest online database of jobs. Their search engine is built to pull results from thousands of websites across the Web, including job boards, company career sites, newspapers, non-profit organizations, government sites, and more. SimplyHired is having more than five million jobs listed at the moment. Also, creating a user unlocks new features, such as name, save, and manage searches, e-mail alerts and so on.

9. TweetMyJobs

TweetMyJobs is merging social networking with job hunting, by integrating Facebook and Twitter profiles with their portal. The service is creating a bridge between recruiters and those in need of a paycheck, allowing its users to receive highly targeted job matches. A user has to only specify the type of job he or she is looking for and link his or hers Facebook and Twitter account. TweetMyJobs then sends updates about a new job via e-mail, mobile phone, or Twitter. The portal has 10,000 custom job channels on Twitter that are tweeting more than 50,000 new jobs each day.

8. Monster

Number eight in our Top 10 Best Free Job Posting Sites is given to Monster.com, a multinational website covering jobs across the world, from Europe (UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, etc), to North America (US, Canada), to South America, Middle East, and finally Asia and the Pacific Rim. It has a valuable database for both employers and those who are looking for a steady workplace.

7. Indeed

Indeed is indeed (pardon my pun) a reliable source of job offerings. The website is a meta search engine that includes a plethora of search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. At the time, according to their website, around 606,596 new jobs have been posted in the past seven days. Furthermore, the portal has a forum where people discuss and help each other with all sorts of useful information.

6. Dice

Dice is a bit different from what we’ve posted until now, in the sense that the portal is focused on finding technology jobs. At the moment Dice has a database of over 85.000 tech jobs ready to find the perfect employee. Another feature of the portal is “Browse Jobs by Company”, a dedicated section to make your search easier. It includes companies such as Autodesk, CGI Federal, Compucom, Echostar, and so on and so forth.

5. CareerBuilder

Our number five in the best free job posting sites is CareerBuilder, one of the largest online employment websites in the United States. It started out in 1995, and now it has more than 24 million unique visitors per month, and a base of over 1.5 million jobs available. Currently the website is collaborating with more than 300.000 employers. Users can store up to five resumes and cover letters, both privately and publicly. There are plenty of other features that come with this portal, so feel free to explore them all.

4. Glassdoor

So let’s say you’ve found a job that you’re interested in, but first you need some info on that specific company. Well, GlassDoor is a free career community that offers its users a thorough view on jobs and companies. The site is unique as it has an ”employee generated content” that covers subjects of interest such as salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more. Although GlassDoor may not fall on this top’s requirements, it’s simply a must if you need to know more about your employer and, in a general term, about your future in that company.

3. LinkUp

LinkUp is a job search engine that unfolds unadvertised jobs listed on other company websites. The website monitors thousands of small, mid-sized, and large company career sections (a total of 23.693 companies) in order to keep their users updated with the whats and hows. “When a company adds or removes a job from their site, we update ours – automatically,” reads one of their website’s announcement.

2. CoolWorks

Let’s assume that you’re a student and looking for a seasonal job (in this case a summer job). Well, our number two in the best free job posting sites finds CoolWorks, a specialized website that aims to find you the best summer job available. The portal includes thousands of lists with summer and seasonal jobs. The free e-mail newsletter keeps you updated with the latest job offerings in this section.

1. LinkedIn

Co-founder Reid Hoffman started LinkedIn in 2002, a portal that is now the world’s biggest professional network on the Internet. It has more than 150 million registered members, covering 200 countries. The website offers a space where users can create resume-like profiles and access lists of their interests. LinkedIn’s search engine is brilliantly designed to aid those who search for a specific company or job title. Just like some of the other professional websites we’ve mentioned before, this one has a lot of features, all for free.
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