10 Of The Best Online Book Stores

Friday, January 25, 2013

10 Of The Best Online Book Stores

Although I’m not a religious person, I can accept as truth the following “In the beginning was the Word”. The maxim has probably a thousand meanings, but one that got me heated up is that language is not only an expression of our thoughts, it’s also the very meaning of our social existence. You may call it common knowledge, although I’m not sure it is. Point is, books have been the very center of our expression, imagination, sub-refuge, meaning, philosophy, evolution, and so much more. We grow with books, we live among them, and we will always read books. As books’ prices went up (especially affecting the student sector), people started to prefer alternatives, such as online book stores that offer lower prices on them, which otherwise can cost a fortune, not to mention that online stores in general are way more accessible than physical ones. As such, we’ve made a list of ten best online book stores.

10. ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks is a great portal for students as it offers a whole lot of services, from book rental, student loans, buying and even selling books options. Their database covers over 15 million titles and if you’re looking for a book just type in the title, author or ISBN. You can find books from basically any domain you like: Architecture, Art, Business and Economics, Computers, and so on and so forth.

9. Alibris

Our next choice for this list of best online book stores is Alibris – a website which offers services for children, as well as for students. Their database includes children’s books, literary fiction, religion and spirituality, and even audiobooks and cook books, among others. In addition to finding used books, you can also purchase and sell new ones for fair prices.

8. Tattered Cover

Tattered Cover Book Store offers books on demand, as well as indie bestsellers and business & education related books. There’s also a special section called “Young Readers” dedicated, obviously, to the little ones. You can either create an user or log-on with your Google account to benefit from their full services.

7. Biblio

At our number seven our of ten best online book stores you can find not only books, textbooks, special discounts and other bookstores, but also a collection of rare books for those of you who have a thing for collecting them. The website’s search engine is quite complex, featuring search terms by author, title, ISBN, keywords, publisher, illustrator, and so on.

6. AbeBooks

We continue with AbeBooks, a portal which includes thousands of booksellers that sell some 140 million books. Their database (browsing category) is vast and could easily impress anyone, beginner or not. Just as the ones above you can search for a title by typing in a keyword, author or ISBN. You may also be interested in their category of rare books and textbooks section.

5. Books-A-Million

This next website is easy to use and features a great look, in addition to its usefulness. At their homepage you can see bestsellers, sales and free shipping deals. Furthermore, the browsing can be done by category and subcategory, while their search engine is just as effective. At Books-A-Million you can find children and teen oriented books, tech and entertainment, etc.

4. Powell’s Books

Powell’s Book online store offers both used and new books, including textbooks, to buy and respectively sell. Their website is simple but effective, while offering a comprehensive selection of titles. You can also find non-related book products such as calendars and cool gifts.

3. Borders

Borders features new and used books, textbooks and collectables, while also promoting toys, media discs (DVD/CD), and calendars. The website’s browsing feature is simply excellent, gathering a vast database of books, from art and architecture to medicine, fiction and biographies.

2. Barnes & Nobles

I believe that Barnes & Nobles needs no introduction as it’s one of the most famous book stores in the world. Their website is one of the most easy-to-use out there; you can search for books by their condition, subject, price, ISBN or publisher, in addition to other factors. Browsing the website is a real pleasure due to the attractive and intelligent design. Furthermore, product pages include photos of the books and even sample pages, customer and editor reviews, a short synopsis, and more.

1. Amazon

We chose Amazon to be our number one choice in this list of online book stores as it’s the prime competitor in the online business, and that includes books. Here you can find rare and collectable books, along with autographed books. textbooks, and virtually anything that has to do with this sector. Also, check out the reviews, product specifications, books summaries, and any piece of information that may aid you make the best choice.
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