10 Most Dangerous Places in the World

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Most Dangerous Places in the World

In this world, there are some dangerous places you would rather stay away from. These countries are, most of them, poor, corrupted, and disorganised.  However there are also some countries which are not supposed to be in this list- but they are, however. I’ll leave you to discover them, one by one, as you read the list of 10 most dangerous places in the world.

1. The creepiest crimes in the world: USA

1. gang battle
America is the favourite playing ground of the serial killers and of the gang members. Weird people  killing for fun and for pleasure, as nowhere else in the world,(which inspired those Hollywood movies we all enjoy watching), gang killings and random murders, they all make America one of the most dangerous countries to live in. Here are some figures to convince you: 8.719 people were killed by gun shots in one year only. This is even more impressive if you think that the second place is occupied by Germany, where the total number of people who died from the same reasons reaches 381.

2.  The paradise of gangs: Brazil

Despite the fact that Brazil has a thriving economy, most Brazilians are fighting with poverty. There is no wonder than that many youngsters join gangs and all sorts of criminal groups from an early age. Thus, violence, as well as armed thefts and street shooting are not unusual in this country, especially in such cities as Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo. It is definitely not a place where you should walk on the streets at night!

3. The drugs’ capital of the world: Colombia

Here is where 75% of the world’s cocaine comes from. Consequently, drug traffic is a major concern in this country, where kidnapping is also a daily happening and arm control is almost inexistent. With so many problems, there is no wonder that this country is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world!

4. The world’s most numerous HIV cases: South Africa

south africa
The problems in South Africa are so numerous and interconnected that finding a solution seems impossible. First of all, South Africa is on second place in the world as regards crimes of all sorts. This is bad enough, but it actually becomes worse: there are even more raping happening every day, thus South Africa holding the unwanted world record of early raping. As a consequence, HIV thrives on these lands, and the number of persons who are sick with AIDS is reaching a stunning 10 millions.

5.  The most unwelcoming land: Antarctica

5. antarctica
One of the most dangerous places in the world, Antarcica is at least free of humanly risks. Here, you might experience amazing moments, as a tourist who enjoys extreme adventures, but you may also experience powerful winds, snow storms and temperatures of -70°C which may kill you in one hour. Also, if you want to go for it, and try such an excursion, make sure you don’t get lost, the chances of being found in time are inexistent.

6.  The most dangerous of them all: Afghanistan

Terrestrial mines, almost inexistent medical care, awful life conditions for women and a life hope that does not go beyond 45 years makes Afghanistan a place you don’t want to go to, not even in a visit. The 12 million mines which were placed on the Afghan territory in the 80s are making hundreds of victims each year.  No wonder you have to watch your steps there!

7. The civil war is far from ending in Sudan

Sudan is a country where the civil war takes its victims every day. N0 one seems capable, or willing to put an end to the border fighting between the government and the rebels. All sorts of plagues are also responsible of taking the lives of many Sudanese people

8.  The youngest soldiers in the world: Burundi

8.child soldiers
Burundi is one of the most dangerous places in the world, for a child. The people of Burundi do not spare the children’s life and transform them into miniature soldiers as soon as they are able to keep an arm in their hands.

9. The endless war in Iraq

Iraq is a true war zone and thus, no place to be if you want to live long. The war has caused 100.000 victims, and the destruction, the chaos, the local anarchists and extremists are factors which increase the death toll in this country.

10. Famine in Somalia

Somalia as well one of the most dangerous places in the world-maybe the most dangerous. There is no real authority controlling the country, so crimes remain, in most cases, unpunished. A heaven of murderers, rapists, all sorts of abusers and criminals, Somalia is also known to experience severe famine. This sadly affects children and even newborns.
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