Weird Facts - Weird & Strange Facts !

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weird Facts - Weird & Strange Facts !

  • According to the weekly world news the aliens ships from the Planet Gootan have left their Airspace and are expected to reach Earth somewhere in early December 2012, i.e just before the 2012 prophecy is fulfilled

  • Approximately one-sixth of your life is spent on Wednesdays.

  • Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting
  • A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years

  • Albert Einstein predicted that the World war IV is going to be fought by sticks and stones

  • Nicola Tesla was a far more better scientist than Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison actually stole ideas and hypothesis of Tesla.

  • Piano was invented by a Scientist named Alkundi in the 11th century.

  • In space, astronauts cannot cry properly, because there is no gravity, so the tears can't flow down their faces

  • There are still places in the world that are inhabited by lost civilisations who are undiscovered

  • Mermaids exist and have the greatest power of sensing danger so that makes a chance of finding them rare.

  • The worlds oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9000 years old

  • The state of Florida is bigger than England
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