10 Free Website Makers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Free Website Makers!

10 Free Website Makers

If you own a small business then you must know that having a website to promote your work is vital. You have several choices to build a website, asking a company to do it for you, talk with a friend that has some skills with HTML, Java, Flash, and other web developing tools, or look for a free service. Today’s list is going to comprise ten free website makers to help you get noticed in the virtual world of the Internet. While some of them offer just the basic construction tools to start your portal, others are enabling you with creating some of the most creative websites around, and everything’s for free. Let’s begin!

10. Ruxter


Ruxter.com adopts a rather different approach to website creation as it builds a bridge between small and large businesses and the online mobile market, a plus if compared to other website builders. In addition, they offer 100 free texts a month to reach your customers.

9. Yola


Create a professional website for free in just minutes with Yola. The website is easy to use and provides with all that you need for your business to start growing online. You can choose from hundreds of styles that are both professional and customizable.

8. Wix

Our next in the list of ten free website makers is responsible with creating more than 15 million websites until now. What’s really great at Wix is that you need no programming skills because the website is based on  just drag-and-drop. Try them out and tell us what you think.

7. GoDaddy

If you don’t have a domain already, then you can purchase one from Go Daddy for as much as $7.49 a year and benefit on their free ad-supported Web hosting. Not only your website will be hosted by them, but you can also create a website with their drag-and-drop tools.

6. Jimdo


Next in our list is Jimdo, a website that helps you create not just a simple website, but also an online store. In addition, they offer video tutorials and an updated help section to get you started. Last but not least, they also offer free search engine optimization and other features to boost your popularity such as RSS feed.

5. Moonfruit


You can build a website or online store with Moonfruit as easy as it can be. The service lets you customize the style and layout of your portal without knowledge of HTML or CSS. Furthermore, the newly created website is optimized for both the web and mobile.

4. Iconosites


IconoSites is a website creator which lets you build a business website in just a few minutes. You need no technical skills to use it,  and it’s web-based, meaning that you don’t need to download or install anything. Actually, all you have to do is follow three simple steps – choose a design, launch your website, and add your content.

3. WebStarts


Our next choice in this list of ten free website makers is WebStarts. If you’re looking for simplicity and efficiency, you’re in the right place. WebStarts features a friendly drag-and-drop interface, and enables you with hosting, web address and design tools. In addition, they also focused on search engine optimization, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search.

2. DoodleKit


Doodlekit is a fully-hosted online free website builder and Content Management System (CMS) that helps with creating a personal or business website. Everything happens online, so again, you don’t need to download/install anything on your computer. It features full hosting and domains, search engine ranking and web design tools, etc.

1. Webs


According to their website, Webs.com is responsible with creating more than 50 million websites. With Webs you are able to create a professional website. They offer video hosting space, over three hundred templates, calendar functions, social networking, and much more.

Try them out and let us know which was the best!
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