10 Unexpected Effects of Global Warming!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Unexpected Effects of Global Warming!

10 Unexpected Effects of Global Warming

Global warming has a negative impact over the living things on Earth and on Earth itself, and we all heard of them. They are repeated to us over and over again. However, global warming also has unexpected effects that might indeed surprise you: from damage of ancient ruins to speedier satellites, here is what global warming is capable of accomplishing:

1.  Forest Fires

global warming1
Global warming does more than melting glaciers, it also causes more forests to burst into flames, more often than ever before in the USA. This happens becouse spring comes earlier and earlier, thus causing the snow to melt and the woods to remain dry for longer periods of time than before. This is the main cause of the scary fires that we see every year.

2. Ruins might be ruined

global warming2
One of the surprising effects of global warming that most people have no idea about is the destruction of ancient ruins and monuments which is all we have left from our ancestors.  Both flooding and extreme weather have great effects on these constructions as the flood  that led to the damage of the 600 years-old-site Suckothai (capital of the Thai empire) proves.

3. Mountains are taller

global warming3
The melting of glaciers on top of mountains is causing them to become taller! This happens because the ice that was pushing them against the surface of earth since thousands of years is no longer there and hence, the surface is slowly getting back in place, thus lifting mountains in the same time. Amazing, right?

4. Speedier satellites

global warming4
What is the link between satellites and global warming? You can’t see any? Don’t worry, most people cannot. However, there is a strong connection between the two: global warming is caused by the carbon dioxide molecules which collide releasing heat. However, in the upper atmosphere, their effect is different:  they radiate energy away, cooling the air around them. This is beneficial for the satellites which used to be dragged, and therefore slowed down by the air molecules. Now, the carbon dioxide molecules cause air to settle by cooling the atmosphere, and hence, less dragging occurs.

5.  Gene changing

global warming5
The spring which comes earlier creates a huge problem for animals: those which fail to adapt to the earlier burst of life- and therefore food sources- and still “function” after the wrong internal clock may start the season too late and fail to produce offspring. In the same time, those who adapt successfully pass their gene to their babies and thus, the change will  occur to the entire population in the end.

6. The big thaw

global warming6
A very little known effect of the global warming is that it is thawing the layer of permanently frozen soil below the surface. This phenomenon may cause damage to railroads, as well as to other structures. One even more important effect would be the defrost of the dead bodies in the tundra, which may result in the return of long disappeared diseases, such as the much feared smallpox.

7.  The lakes are disappearing

global warming7
An astonishing 125 lakes from the Arctic have disappeared as a direct and unexpected effect of global warming. What happened was that the permafrost beneath the lakes defrosted and thus, water could be absorbed by the soil. The negative impact of the disappearing of lakes will be realized only after species of animal for which those lakes were vital, will disappear from the face of Earth.

8.  The Arctic transforms into a garden

global warming8
Because ice is melting at the Arctic, many plants and fauna are suffering at lower altitudes. However, for the flora of the Arctic, things have never been better: ice melting sooner makes plants to bloom full of joy and scientists discovered proof that today, we may see much more vegetation at the Arctic than ever before.

9. Heading for the hills

global warming9
Animals are feeling the effects of global warming much more than we do, that it for sure: today, such animals as chipmunks or mice look for higher altitudes to move their homes to, because of the climate change that makes their former homes too “hot” for them. In the same time, at the Arctic, animals will be looking for a new home soon as well because the sea ice is slowly melting.

10. Allergies are getting worse

global warming10
If you felt that your spring allergy is getting worse in the recent years, or if you started experiencing allergies and asthma even though you had no such disorder earlier in your life, than you should know  that this is also because of the global warming: increased temperatures and higher carbon dioxide levels are both contributing to an aggravation of allergies all over the world.
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