Top 10 Friday the 13th Superstition!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 10 Friday the 13th Superstition!

Top 10 Friday the 13th Superstition

Do you believe in the unlucky Friday 13th? Even though we have internet, even though we reached space and we certainly know that superstitions are not true, 21 million Americans are very afraid of this date. What’s more, there are buildings where the 13th floor is missing, or where apartment 13 does not exist! These are the most popular Friday the 13th superstitions:

1. Don’t cut your nails!

This is one of the most wide-spread Friday the 13th superstitions which lasted throughout the years. However, nail cutting superstitions do not resume at this day: not cutting your nails in the evening, because it might shorten your life is another superstition related to this simple action. Even though these kinds of superstitions should be beyond us today, people around the world seem to believe in them now as they did centuries ago.

2.  Don’t start your journey on this day!

When it comes to ones’ personal safety, he may start taking superstitions in serious! I mean, I am not much of a believer myself, but I do not take my chances when the superstition is threatening me with terrible disasters to come…this is when I stop laughing and start doubting: “hmm…maybe I should change my schedule”. The most famous event that involved the unlucky 13 was the launch of the Apollo 13: it was launched at 13:13 and was abandoned, due to technical problems, on April 13.

3. Changing your bed on Friday the 13th will result in nightmares

Have you ever tried it? Did it really give you nightmares? I am sure it did not! This Friday the 13th superstition is actually a bit childish, or rather old-fashioned. You have to be convinced of its accuracy in order to really wait for the day to pass in order to change your bed. Otherwise, the risk of  nightmares disturbing  you is not even worthy of attention.

4.  Don’t forget to switch your calendar from Friday the 13th or a witch will come for you!

After people stopped believing in gods, the goddess Frey (Friday, of Norse origin) was transformed into a witch by the new Christians. Thus, this mythological creature became a scary, evil witch who was “in good relations” with the devil.

5.  Do not consult astrologers on Friday the 13th!

Apparently, one good explanation for this particular superstition, which may even give you an idea of why 13 became such a troublesome figure, has to do with ancient spirituality: in the past people used to believe in superior female beings, or goddesses, associated with the Moon. What happened was that men intentionally started to give it a bad connotation, as the solar calendar (where 12 is considered a perfect number) started to gain popularity.

6.  The person born on Friday the 13th will have a bad life

Well, it certainly is not true but strange coincidences do occur, shaking our skepticism at least a bit. Butch Cassidy, for example, a notorious American outlaw, was born on April 13, 1866, on a Friday, or so they say at least.

7.  Don’t start business on this day!

It is said that a business which was started on Friday 13th will not have a good faith. If I was to start a business, I would definitely wait until Monday to launch it! After all, a little precaution does not hurt, especially when it comes to one’s own investment! It is interesting to point out also that, while Christians  have all the reasons to fear this day and consider it evil, ( the day when Adam was tempted to take a bite from a certain apple, the day when Christ was crucified, etc), in Islam, by contrary, Friday is the holiest day of the week.

8. Ships are also doomed if departing on Friday the 13th

You may laugh about it but the faith of the HMS Friday may freeze your ironical smile: it was intended to reduce Friday fear, so the British government launched the ship on Friday, they hired Captain Jim Friday and also all men in the crew were hired on a Friday. After having left in her journey on a Friday, the ship mysteriously disappeared…no clue if on a Friday…

9. Don’t cut your hair in this day, or a family member will die!

Superstitions concerning own death, or that of a family member are the hardest to destroy because even those who usually don’t believe in them might feel tempted to avoid the unlucky situation. How did it come to this one, though? Not quite sure! It is based on a general believe though: both Friday and 13 are considered to bring misfortune, so certainly, the combined situation must result in the worst day of the year!

10. If you see a funeral procession on Friday the 13th, your faith is sealed!

Yup! You are destined to die the next day, so you’d better close your eyes! No clue if it works this way, but then again superstitions are nothing more than a reminiscence of the past, with its ignorance and naivety and most of them have an explanation: for example, in Britain, public executions were set on Friday, and there were 13 steps to climb up to the hanging place, so the connection was easy to establish.
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