Meaning of Dreams:10 Common Dreams and Their Interpretation

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meaning of Dreams:10 Common Dreams and Their Interpretation

People have always tried to give a meaning to their dreams. Whether they put their trust in an scientific interpretation, or in a paranormal one, most people believe that dreams symbolize certain things.  Here is a list of 10 most common dreams that people have, and their interpretation. We hope that you will find it useful!

1.  Being chased

This is one of the most common dreams in the world and it usually means that you don’t feel secure, that you are passing through a stressful period of your life and someone might seem threatening, or unfriendly.

2. Being caught in a disaster

2. caught in disaser
When dreaming that you are in the middle of a disaster of any kind, it means that you actually are overwhelmed, or you are passing through a crisis.

3.  The dying dream

3 dying dream
If you are the one dying, then it may be because you feel threatened, abused or emotionally hurt. It may also be a prediction of an upcoming accident, so be careful! If the one dying is a person you love, the fear of losing him or her might provoke the dream.

4. Missing your ride

4. missing the bus
If you are dreaming about missing a bus, a train, a plain or any other means of transportation, it may be because you just missed an opportunity or you are afraid not to lose it.

5. Enjoying a journey

enjoy journey
A dream about a delightful journey, regardless of the means of transportation usually signifies that you are passing through good time in your life.  Things are going as you wished, you succeeded in your plans and now you are feeling relaxed and may enjoy a peaceful dream.

6. Falling or drowning

When you dream that you are falling, this may be the result of a feeling of insecurity, of a feeling that you have nothing or no one to hold on to. Drowning may be the result of too much work, or of a situation that overwhelms you.

7. Being lost

Most typically, people have this dream when something in their real life is really confusing, or when they cannot decide upon an important matter. They may be at a crossway in their lives, or they may find no solution to a vital problem.  The manner in which you discover the right path to follow may give you a clue about finding a solution after waking up.

8. Well dressed

well dressed
Your dream means that you feel satisfied with yourself, with your body shape and with your  general appearance. You may feel either protected and safe, or sexy and attractive. It may also be linked with your being recovering from a sickness.

9. Necked in public

Depending on the way you treat nudity, dreaming that you are necked and people see you may mean that something in your life may give you the same feeling, or a close feeling to being necked in public. Usually, in the dream, people feel exposed, vulnerable and embarrassed. However, certain people might feel, by contrary, free and relaxed.

10. Flying, swimming, dancing

If you are flying in your dream, you are flying in life as well – figurate speaking. That is, you have a good mood and you feel ready to conquer the world. When swimming in your dream, you feel confident and ready to “explore your depths” while dancing represents your feeling of satisfaction relating to your body, or increasing sensuality.
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