Ten Top Apps for Android in 2012!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten Top Apps for Android in 2012!

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In 2012 some real tip top apps for Android have come out and a good deal more are expected by the end of the year. The Android Operating System is the most widespread OS in the world thanks mostly to its high customizability and the fact that it is open for anyone to use or modify and this makes it a prime environment for some fantastic applications. The Android Market is also less restrictive than the Apple AppStore, which means that more content gets put out there and more free apps are available as well. Here is our list of the top 10 Apps for android from 2012.

10. Beat Bang

Beat Bang is a fresh and innovative ‘virtual history’ of the last 25 or so years of electronic music. Offering everything you could ever want to know on the topic of electronic music this app has a wide selection of links, biographies, samples and so forth on the biggest names in electro and the less well known too.

9. Lookout Security And Antivirus

Mobile security is becoming more and more of an issue with phones nowadays and Lookout is just what the doctor ordered for your Android phone. Featuring malware and spyware protection and antivirus in a sleek, easy to use interface, Lookout is truly a bargain at the low, low price of… nothing! Yes, it’s free!

8. Tasker

Not a new app but one of the best, Tasker is a easy to use app designed for helping you automate some functions on your phone. Not only can you automate features at certain hours, like turning power saving mode at night but you can use all of your phone’s features like the accelerometer and compass. You could set up a ‘shake-to-shuffle’ function or have the phone play a sound when pointing it north.

7. Chameleon

This Kickstarter-ed project gathered almost 70000$ during its initial pitch phase and is now available for your android devices. Chameleon is a new menu interface for Android, one that focuses on a panel-like display, similar to windows 8 mobile but with more features. While it isn’t free it is one of the best ‘skins’ for your Android Device that you can find out there.

6. Zagat

Here’s one for you foodies out there. The Zagat App has been totally re-done by our overlords at Google and is now the best restaurant review app on either appstore. The app includes reviews for a great many restaurants all over the world and is specially designed so it fits best on an android tablet.

5. X-Plore

Also an older app but a timeless classic, X-Plore is fantastic for optimizing your folder structure on the Android, which unlike on a vanilla iOS device can be altered, Android’s biggest advantage so far. X-plore allows you to change and rename everything that you want including app-specific folders and even shared folders on local networks. It also includes a compression/decompression tool.

4. Instagram

Yes it’s finally here… After an unreasonably long time exclusively on iOS, Instagram made the jump to Android as well. The innovative photo app-cum-social network is one of the most powerful photo sharing tools in the world so it’s no wonder that it too was ported. The only thing left to wonder about is what took them so long.

3. Google Drive

This year Google rolled out its dropbox competitor, Google Drive and it’s no wonder that the app for it popped up almost instantly on the Google Play store. Drive is a powerful application that synchronizes across multiple platforms and stores your data and documents all together in one place on-line.

2. Evernote

Similar to how Dropbox and Google Drive make your life easier, Evernote is a note-taking and text app that syncs across your devices and stores quick jots or web clippings for later use. A fantastic tool for anyone who works with text, Evernote should not be missing from any device out there.

1. Zombies, Run!

This one is one of the best running apps out there. Zombies, Run! has a cool premise, an innovative fitness/game mechanic and is fun as hell. You take the role of Runner 5, a survivor in a zombie wasteland tasked with retrieving crucial supplies for your fellow survivors. But zombies are everywhere and you have to run! While you’re out running you listen o your own songs intercut with theatrical radio-drama style story bits and every now and then swarms of zombies start chasing you and you have to run, run, run lest they catch you. In between missions you can upgrade your base and divide collected resources amongst factions. Zombies, Run really is the whole package and it is now available on Android too!
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